Navigating the Holiday Hustle: Embracing Changes in Your Schedule

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, it often brings a whirlwind of activities and events that can turn your well-planned schedule upside down. Dealing with changes in your routine during this festive period can be challenging, but with a positive mindset and a few strategies, you can […]

Dealing with holiday stress

Ah, the holiday hustle and bustle! It can get a bit overwhelming, huh? One trick is to set realistic expectations. You don’t have to create a picture-perfect holiday—it’s more about enjoying the time with your family. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. Everyone can chip in, and it takes some of the pressure off. […]

5 Games Kids Can Play While Traveling

Games can be a fun and effective way to help develop executive function skills in children. Many games require planning, organization, and the ability to adjust strategies as needed, which are all important executive function skills. Games also help children develop working memory, attention, and self-regulation, as they need to remember the rules, pay attention […]

How Can We De-Stress The Holiday Season?

The holidays are in full swing. And while it may be the “happiest time of year” that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without stress! Check out some of the following tips for how to de-stress your holidays! If you’d like some more strategies or ideas for your child don’t hesitate to reach out to us […]

Dealing With Holiday Stress In Children

Dealing With Holiday Stress In Children The holiday season can be a time of great joy and happiness, but it can also be a time of stress and anxiety for children. There are so many things to worry about during the holidays-whether you will get the gifts you want, if your family will be together, […]

Find Your Summer Friends!

As summer ramps up with social activities like vacations, visits to the pool or hanging out with others, kids and teens can struggle to make connections to friends. Summer is a great time to deepen friendships and work on social skills. Looking ahead, setting up structured social times and having good social role models or […]