Find Your Summer Friends!

As summer ramps up with social activities like vacations, visits to the pool or hanging out with others, kids and teens can struggle to make connections to friends.

  • Look ahead and role play- Encourage your child or teen to “think ahead” about upcoming activities and where the situation might be difficult. Plan out several strategies to deal with a possible problem before you go.
  • Develop a secret signal-Use this when your child doesn’t realize they are acting inappropriately. Have your child help decide on the signal such as a gesture or phrase.
  • Find a “wingman”- For younger children this might be an older child to help clue them in when they are off track socially. A socially comfortable peer can be a great role model and wingman for older tweens and teens.
  • Set up structured social times– Getting started can be tough for kids. Set up an activity and help your child invite some friends. This could be anthing from be a trip to the pool, a home movie night to inviting another teen along on a vacation with your child.
  • Volunteer– Helping other people is a great way to build communication and social skills as well as making a difference!

Summer is a great time to deepen friendships and work on social skills. Looking ahead, setting up structured social times and having good social role models or wingmen, can go a long way to help make the summer more enjoyable.

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