Is Your Child Overloaded, Exhausted And Doesn’t Know Where To Start?

Check out the following tips to help with prioritization! 

  1. As you get close to the end of the holiday break, start shifting your family schedule back to one more similar to that of school. If bedtimes have gotten later, especially for your teens, start shifting the times  closer to school bedtimes. Beginning with 15 minutes to an half an hour earlier over several days helps the brain to adjust to the new sleep program. While adjusting bedtimes another important component is to restart the rules limiting use of electronics before bed. Start to move your overall evening routine closer to that of school.
  2. Over the holiday break, one substitution for homework time is to start a required reading time. Typically, this is ½ an hour for younger children and an hour for middle school and high school students ideally at the same time that they would be doing their homework during school. Encourage your child to select a topic that they’re interested in and read about it. 
  3. If your child is overwhelmed, use the triage strategy. Break up the workload into smaller chunks. Focus on the high value/high impact tasks first. Once they are done, look at completing the medium impact ones. This way the most important ones are finished and you are leaving the least important to sacrifice.

If you’d like some more strategies or ideas for your child don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Midwest Educational Therapy and Associates Facebook, YouTube channel and at www.metaoh.

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