Motivating Kids In Winter

It can be tough to get kids motivated to participate in winter activities when there’s so much else that seems more fun, like staying in bed or watching TV.  But with a little creativity and persistence, it’s possible to keep children active and entertained throughout the winter. 

One way to motivate kids is to get them involved in planning the activities.  Ask them what kinds of things they would like to do, and let them help make a plan. This will help them feel more invested in the activities and more likely to participate. 

Another way to encourage kids to get active is to make the activities fun. If it’s always cold outside, try indoor activities like playing games, creating crafts, or reading books. Or, if the weather is nice, take advantage of the outdoors and go for a walk, sledding, or go camping in the backyard. 

Whatever activities you choose, make sure to emphasize the importance of being active and having fun. 

Midwest Educational Therapists in Columbus can help with motivation techniques. 

If your child is feeling unmotivated, Midwest Educational Therapists (META)  can help. META can provide the tools and techniques your child needs to get  back on track. One common motivator is having a sense of purpose. META  can help your child identify their passions and create a plan to achieve them.  Another motivator is progress. META can help your child learn techniques to track their progress and set milestones to help them stay on track. 

Winter can be a difficult time for kids when the sky is gray and there is little  to do outside. However, there are many ways to motivate them to stay active  and engaged during this time. By providing interesting and fun activities,  parents can help their kids stay motivated and enjoy winter.

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