As summer ramps up with social activities like vacations, visits to the pool or hanging out with others, kids and teens can struggle to make connections to friends.

  • Look ahead and role play- Encourage your child or teen to “think ahead” about upcoming activities and where the situation might be difficult. Plan out several strategies to deal with a possible problem before you go.
  • Develop a secret signal-Use this when your child doesn’t realize they are acting inappropriately. Have your child help decide on the signal such as a gesture or phrase.
  • Find a “wingman”- For younger children this might be an older child to help clue them in when they are off track socially. A socially comfortable peer can be a great role model and wingman for older tweens and teens.
  • Set up structured social times– Getting started can be tough for kids. Set up an activity and help your child invite some friends. This could be anthing from be a trip to the pool, a home movie night to inviting another teen along on a vacation with your child.
  • Volunteer– Helping other people is a great way to build communication and social skills as well as making a difference!

Summer is a great time to deepen friendships and work on social skills. Looking ahead, setting up structured social times and having good social role models or wingmen, can go a long way to help make the summer more enjoyable.

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